Initials - Monograms - Stained Glass Suncatchers
Custom suncatchers - Choose your own letter and colors.

  Design your own stained glass monogram suncatchers. Now you can make up that perfect gift... A personalized stained glass suncatcher. Choose the letter - Choose the color of the letter - Choose the color of the outside border.     Pin It

  stained glass initial suncatcher  stained glass initial suncatcher

 Click on small image below for more info, to create your own custom suncatcher and to place your order.


 View photos of our talented stained glass artists at our workshop in Port au Prince, Haiti. 

Stained glass artists at our workshop in Port au Prince, Haiti - Accent on Glass Stained glass sun catchers and jewelry boxes – Handcrafted stained glass – Accent on GlassStained Glass Initial - Monogram Suncatcher         

Stained Glass Initial - Monogram Suncatcher     


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